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Neil R.

theROCK helped to reduce my pain and helped me regain lost range of motion with arm and leg after Rotator Cuff and Bilateral Knee Replacement surgeries.” 

Susan M.

I have been suffering from pain my my right buttocks with numbness and pain into the back of my thigh. I was able to be one of the first “medical users” of HotRock and it was awesome. The hardness of the roller combined with the super intense heat really helped the area calm down and reduced the pain in my leg. In the” beginning it just felt great to do, but the pain came back. After a few weeks of doing it, combined with my home exercises from my therapist, the pain down the leg went away and I have not had pain for last two weeks. I am really appreciative of HotRock. It just feels great! Thank you!


Josh Hagemeyer PT, DPT, Therapeutic Associates: Gateway PTM

HipTrac has made a huge impact in the treatment of hip pain at our physical therapy clinic. It is simple to use for in-clinic visits. HipTrac allows for more effective manual therapy and exercise tolerance used before treatment or a great way to end treatment sessions. Patients also love it for the ease of setup at home and the relief it provides. HipTrac allows active people to regain their ability to perform the activities they love with less pain and avoid unnecessary surgeries. I highly recommend it as an addition to any physical therapy practice!”

Stuart Cosgrove, Physiotherapist, Cosgrove Physiocentre, London UK Cosgrove Physiocentre, London UK

For Stuart Cosgrove, using HipTrac relieved his pain and enabled him to return to his full workouts. Stuart, currently a physiotherapist (Cosgrove Physio) and a former Mr. Britain, is a dedicated HipTrac user. “I started using the HipTrac and noticed a very quick improvement in my gait pattern and pain reduction. I used the device every day for one week, then alternate days the following week. I now use the HipTrac 3 times a week. I find that if I stop using the device my hip begins to tighten again so I see this as on-going therapy. I wish I had known about HipTrac 2 years ago when my symptoms started.” As an ex-body building champion, Stuart still trains five times weekly. His FAI had limited his leg workouts; now using HipTrac, he’s back on leg workouts.


Mark Dunwell, UK International Masters Athlete

“In 2013 I held 3 World sprint titles as an M40 – Masters Track & Field Athlete. Unfortunately after over 20 years of competing in Track & Field my passion came to an abrupt halt when I started to suffer with pain in my right hip. Following MRI and CT scans I was diagnosed with FAI and arthritis in right and left hip. As a clinical massage therapist I knew about the technique of long axis hip traction and went searching for a device that could help me manage my condition. Fortunately I found the HipTrac.

I have undergone two hip reconstruction/preservation surgical procedures (right and left hip) over the last two years. I have used my HipTrac pre-operatively, during both of my extensive rehabilitation periods and now on a continual basis to help manage my hip pain and mobility. HipTrac has quite literally helped me get back on the Track. For now I am able to continue partaking in the high intensity sport I love as an M45. I have no doubt that HipTrac will revolutionise the conservative management of hip pathology for people like me.”