The Heated foam roller that
brings relief and faster recovery

Simply awesome


LCD control


Control HotRock with 4 buttons.

  • On/Off Button — Watch the orange LED indicator light when HotRock heats up.
  • Temperature Control — Select temperatures in 10°F increments between 110°F – 175°F.
  • Timer Control — Set the timer in 10-minute increments to time your HotRock through your whole routine.

Advanced Features


Created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

Heats up past 175°F in under 5 minutes

Maintains max temperature over time

Fits inside your gym bag

Work from home recovery essential

Elite Level

Recovery &


HotRock combines intense heat and deep tissue massage to increase blood flow to sore muscles and joints, providing at-home relief and relaxation when you need it, where you need it.

Reach up to 175 F in 5 minutes or less.

With Enterprise SmartWire Technology.

Get soothing heat at precise temperatures, in 5 minutes or less. Unlike microwave-heated rollers, HotRock’s heated core is engineered to get hot and stay hot:

  • Accurate Temperature — Advance design for precise temperature control with no hot spots or dead zones.
  • Automatic Shut Off — HotRock can be programmed to shut off between 30-90 minutes after use.
  • Extra Long 9ft Cord— Simply plug in HotRock to an outlet to get immediate, long-lasting heat.

Dual-core Body

The multi-layer design of ABS plastic and EVA foam provides the perfect balance of deep pressure to improve recovery.

One-Touch Controls

Get precise temperature and timer controls on the easy-to-use LCD control panel for a custom foam-rolling experience.

SmartWire Technology

HotRock's Enterprise SmartWire technology reaches maximum temperature in 5 minutes and heats up to 175°F.

At-home heated muscle recovery.

Get fast-acting thermotherapy benefits and effective deep massaging to relieve sore tissues from sitting all day or extreme workouts.